Dress Code

The academy has very high standards and expectations when it comes to dress code and personal organisation. We believe that a positive attitude towards personal presentation demonstrates a positive attitude to learning. 

Sixth Form students are expected to wear smart business wear suitable for a formal work environment.

  • A smart business suit in dark colours (black, grey, navy or brown).
  • A smart business shirt/blouse.
  • Smart leather business shoes.
  • Hair styles must be such that they can easily be kept neat and do not prevent students from participating effectively and safely in all academy activities. Dying, high or low lighting of hair in natural colours is acceptable – other colours are not permitted.
  • No student is to wear any extreme fashion that would be inappropriate in a work environment. This includes shavings/markings cut into hair or eyebrows.
  • Business shirts should have a button-down or stiff collar – casual shirts are not permitted.
  • Jumpers may be worn in the colder weather.
  • Ties must be worn.
  • Earrings may be worn, but only one hole in the lobe.
  • No other piercing of any kind is allowed.
  • Dark tailored jacket, trousers, dark skirt or dress, on or below the knee.
  • Only fitted blouses may be worn outside the skirt/trousers. All others must be tucked in.
  • Jumpers should be formal.
  • Fine or opaque tights may be worn – no fishnets or patterns.
  • Jewellery, and make-up (including nails), should be minimal and discreet.
  • No piercing other than ears is allowed, and these should be one hole in the lobe.
  • Shoes should be formal and with heels no higher than two inches.
  • No stiletto heels permitted.
  • The academy retains the right to act as the final authority in the interpretation of the dress code.
Outdoor clothes:
  • Outdoor clothes should be left in student lockers during the school day, except for lunch as students are permitted offsite. Outside jackets must be removed as students enter the building and may not be worn around the school.
Headphones and mobile devices:
  • These must not be worn or used outside of the FSA and café areas as they are not allowed at all for younger students.