Behaviour for Learning

As a school, we believe in providing a disciplined, safe and structured school environment.

This is based on a culture of high aspirations, high expectations, and a firm approach to poor behaviour. 

Within our ethos, we will not accept disruptive or defiant behaviour that impacts on our students' learning and progress and their right to a safe and stimulating environment.

We have clear policies, structures and expectations which will ensure that effective teaching and learning can take place. 

We have clear and transparent procedures and practices in place that ensure our learning environment is safe and one in which our whole school community can rely on mutual respect.

We have a uniform policy which reflects our expectation that students take pride in their appearance and arrive at school fully equipped and ready to learn and achieve.

Our behaviour and rewards systems ensure that students are rewarded for effort and attainment whilst negative behaviour is sanctioned appropriately.

We are committed to dealing effectively with any instances of abusive, discriminatory, or bullying behaviour.