Reporting an Absence

In order to maintain accurate attendance records and ensure the health and safety of all students, all parents/carers must follow the guidance below.

For ALL absences you must:

  • Call the school absence line every day of your child’s absence on 020 7275 1546 by 8.15am
  • Leave a clear message with your name and relationship to the child then the child’s FULL NAME, TUTOR GROUP and the REASON for their absence/lateness
  • Email any medical evidence to  stating your child’s FULL NAME and TUTOR GROUP in the email subject line
  • ALL absence/late calls should be made by the legal guardian, should we suspect otherwise, an investigation will commence and further action will be taken
  • Failure to adhere to any of the above will result in your child’s absence being recorded as unauthorised absence
  • All absences will be unauthorised unless medical evidence is provided or there are extenuating circumstances that have been agreed by the school
  • If your child’s attendance falls below 96% you will receive warning letters and if it deteriorates further you will be liable to pay penalty notices and/or court action will be taken
  • If your child is late to school, you MUST also phone the school and inform us of the reason.  
  • Failure to report lateness or if your child is persistently late, you will be called in for formal meetings and may receive a penalty notice
  • ALL holidays during term time are unauthorised and you will receive a penalty notice
  • All medical appointments should be made outside of school hours, where possible
  • Be aware of current government guidelines relating to COVID
  • Any medical appointments without prior agreement or evidence will be recorded as an unauthorised absence
  • Ensure your child arrives in school on time
  • Advise the school immediately of a change of telephone number and/or address via email to We require proof of address in order to amend this 
  • No students, if unwell or if permission has otherwise been granted, are allowed to leave school premises during school hours without an accompanying parent or carer
  • Check with the school or the website to ensure that you are aware of the correct term dates.

Unauthorised absences

Important - This school does not permit parents/carers to take students out of school during term-time for:

  • Holidays
  • Medical treatment abroad
  • Travel abroad/away from home for family issues

Students who do this may lose their school place or receive a penalty notice.

Students, whose attendance falls below the Government guidelines of 90% or with poor punctuality, will be asked to attend a school attendance panel meeting.

Late Students

Students arriving after 8:25am will be marked as late and will receive a 60 minute detention at lunchtime on the same day.

We hope that all parents/carers work cooperatively with the school.