Student using laser cutter
Student using laser cutter

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum sets out to achieve the following aims:

  1. To allow students to identify core knowledge and skills to be learned, retained and recalled over time
  2. To carefully identify components of learning and sequence these across different years, which leads to students being able to access composite knowledge later on in their shared journey. 
  3. To have comprehensive mid-term plans that build on the long term plans. 
  4. To provide a truly personalised curriculum through providing students with differentiated pathways for different groups of learners.
  5. To create independent learners who can self-regulate. 
  6. To develop ‘examination literacy’, application of knowledge, self-regulation, stamina and resilience amongst other important skills required to be successful in the GCSE exams. 
  7. To develop behaviour and attitudes reflective of responsible citizens, able to read, write and communicate well, to allow them to play a positive role in British life. 
  8. To provide a high quality enrichment programme including an extended curriculum, clubs, education visits, events, partnerships and STEM collaborations.